Benefits of bottle construction

Waste management - To build a small house one can use as many as 10,000 used bottles which are readily available. Waste that would otherwise be deposited in a landfill can now help solve other social problems like housing, schools and clinics. If the communities want to get rid of other plastic waste the bottles can be filled prior to construction. Waste like paper and plastic is then permanently removed from the environment.

Environmental benefits - Unlike "traditional" bricks, bottle bricks are not fired, this as well as the weight consideration in terms of transport contributes to a more eco- friendly building system.

Provide structures - Any statistic would have to be an educated guess, since in many parts of the world homeless people are considered outside normal society. Approximately 1 billion people do not have suitable housing and 500 million have no housing whatsoever.

Cost effective- The use of recycled material make it more affordable than conventional building methods and will increase the accessibility to suitable housing. It is a well-insulated solution that will reduce energy consumption to control temperatures.

Bottleworx Building Systems

Unlimited Possibilities - the BWX Building System can be used to erect a variety of structures like classrooms, clinics, shops, garaging and multiple housing designs.