Construction Material

Concrete – a conventional 25mpa floor slab must be cast using 32,5 mPa Cement.

BWX HT Steel Frames – the design protected high tensile galvanised steel frames are modular and can create a variety of design options.The steel frames are light, strong and provides the structural integrity of the building.The design uses only three profiles to reduce inventory on construction sites.



BWX Glue - is used to spot glue the BWX Bottles firmly into the BWX HT Steel Frames.

BWX Bottles - Once the up-cycled BWX bottles are glued and interlocked into the Steel Frames, they form a strong insulated core of the walls prior to plaster.


BWX Plaster Mix – provides a water proof, fire proof, structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing finish to the walls.


BWX Roof Solution - provides a well-insulated structurally strong Composite Roof Panel from light weight steel and BWX Bottles which is well insulated and allows for corrugated or tile finishing.

Windows and Doors - are conventional building components with aesthetics to owners' requirement.