Construction Procedure

Although limited skills are required to construct smaller buildings, the instructions must be followed. Bottleworx will provide construction support via our website, call centre, workshops and onsite training.

Frame Erection – the BWX HT Steel Frame is assembled on site with all door and window frames in place. The anchor cross pieces are fitted at this stage prior to casting of concrete.

Foundations – mark and create holes 300 x 300mm holes to anchor the frame.


Roof Erection – erect roof structure and fit bottles for ceiling, fix roof structure onto the frame to create rigid super structure.

Levelling of Superstructure – the rigid super structure must now be levelled and squared into its final position.

Concrete Pour - the bottom channel of the steel frame acts as a shutter. The concrete is cast into holes and the floor plan shutter. The frame is now firmly secured in the concrete.

Building the BWX bottle wall - The BWX bottles are then spot glued into position in the BWX HT steel frames

Services - first electrical and plumbing fitment in accordance with the layouts.

Plaster - the now rigid BWX bottle walls are plastered with BWX plaster mix

Finishing - All finishes (walls, doors, glass, electrical, plumbing, kitchen etc) fitted to complete the unit

Erection of frame sections, glueing and interlocking of bottles can take place at an off site assembly plant. This can create furthur jobs outside the construction procedure.