Get Involved

Bottleworx Projects are currently raising funds for three different causes that are dear to our hearts. We aim to build as many classrooms, clinics and houses for the less fortunate as possible and we urge all corporates and individuals to get involved. What distinguishes our  project  is the fact that you will be able to donate any amount to the project that you would like to support. Feel free to contact us for more detail regarding our current projects.

The time to act is now and Bottleworx plans to contribute by educating people to:

Re-Think the way we dispose of waste.
Re-use packaging to permanently remove it from the environment.
Reduce the amount of waste we deposit into landfills.
We believe that it will take a combined effort by manufacturers, retailers and consumers to prevent further PET pollution and at the same time provide a solution to major social issues facing our country.  Our affordable construction solution can resolve the massive need for housing, schools and clinics. We hope that you will join us in our mission.