Re-Think Re-Use Reduce

Packaging waste is a huge problem for the environment. A large amount of energy is used to create packaging and even more is required to recycle or dispose of the packaging waste. There are many ineffective and waste full packaging designs that can be improved upon.

  • Glass and metal uses enormous energy levels to get produced and just as much to recycle.
  • Glass has a very poor mass to product ratio and has nearly double the transportation foot print of PET Plastic.
  • PET uses very little energy to produce or recycle and is extremely light for its strength as packaging material.
  • Long neck and round packaging shapes create voids and ineffective cubic efficiencies.

The Bottleworx design team considered all these obvious facts and developed a unique packaging system. The design is near 100% cubic efficient and reduces secondary packaging to a minimum. The Interlocking design allows for the  up-cycle into a building block that has many useful applications.
The Bottleworx bottles fulfil the function of ordinary packaging material and can then be used to build:

  • Complete structures like houses, clinics, schools, offices or any other structure.
  • Structural Beams
  • Furniture etc.

All this without requiring any more energy to produce the building block.

By using the BWX Packaging system for liquids and granules, one contributes to reducing the carbon footprint along the complete supply chain:

  • Transportation foot print.
  • Shelf and Fridge space requirement.
  • Energy for recycling process.
  • Energy to manufacture building blocks.
  • Well insulated buildings reduce energy costs for years to come.
  • The cost of construction to sections of the community that can’t afford conventional buildings.

BWX is constantly working on packaging solutions to reduce the impact on the environment.